Friday, March 4, 2011

Apple ipad 2 - How much RAM - No info supplied

In today's tech savvy world, there is a STRONG emphasis on specifications, either by the end user or by the manufacturing company in providing all the information to the consumer.

In the world of Information Technology and Telecommunications manufacturers show of their latest products with accompanying numbers and their units of Megabytes / Gigabytes, Gigahertz etc.

One of THE most important computer specifications is its memory which gives the user an indication of how many programs can be run or stored in the background at any one time. The units used in today's computers vary from Megabytes on smaller handheld computers to Gigabytes on new models.

Apple has deliberately NOT informed the user on how much memory its new ipad 2 has available. In today's day and age this is NOT an acceptable form of 'misinformation'.

You cannot hide behind a barrier of ( for example):
"We are not focusing on memory, but rather the usability of our new ipad".

The ipad 2 is NOT this 'magical' piece of equipment it is made out to be, but rather a minor upgrade on the existing ipad, which should have had the features of ipad 2 built in from its inception.

The ipad 2 has the same amount of 'small' memory as its predecessor, that being 256MB.

Shame on Apple for NOT providing this information to its tech savvy genius customers.

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