04 March 2011

Government Fraud at highest level of Police

On the 1st of March 2011 the Herald Sun newspaper ran an article on how the government provided fraudulent information regarding crime statistics in Melbourne, Victoria.

This is not only about the matter of providing false information, but also there is the matter of corruption in business / government politics and the proceeds of crime.

Corruption in government and business dealings is rife, and most of it is kept underground out of the view of the public arena.

Government contracts are given to Masonic members or friends / family of the brotherhood even if other 'quotations' are better value.

When information regarding who is on the payrolls is ever made public, they are usually dismissed in the Masonic ruled court system, as "inadmissible evidence' or the ruling is given as "no links have been found" (to underworld figures).

In a matter where there was a shooting, regarding an underworld figure, the corrupt judge ruled in favour of the accused, acquitting them totally of the murder.

Some of Victoria's top Police Officers are involved in the drug cartels, and are on the payrolls of other criminal gangs.

Whilst it is 'good to know' or even great that the Herald Sun reports on this, there is NO REPERCUSSIONS to the corruption made public.

Simon Overland should step down from his position as Head of Police.

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