05 March 2011

Apple mouse Aussie store Rip Off

Another rip off from Apple concerning Australian consumers comes straight from the Apple store itself.

The United States store sells the Apple's wireless magic mouse for $69 as pictured in the illustration.

Apple is widely recognised by its resellers as dictating a price, where minimal profit margins are made by the reseller.

In Australia however Apple has decided to up the ante again in profits, and tagged on another 43% profit on the product.

From the Apple store in Australia (or even JB Hi Fi ), the Wireless magic mouse sells for a wallet draining $99.

This is an increase of $30 over the U.S price or as mentioned earlier, 43% more.

There is no justification for the price hike especially given that the US to Australian dollar exchange rate is at an accepted 1:1 (0.9986 at the time of writing).

Another quality Apple product ripping off the consumer.

This post is merely an illustration of how Globalisation and Corporate Giants are ripping off the public.

Apple products are 'designed' in California and made in China, under 'slave' (cheap) labour conditions.

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