21 October 2013

Speeding hoons caught in police blitz on Victorian roads

POLICE have nabbed several speeding hoons in a series of safety operations on Victoria's roads this weekend. 
Nunawading Highway Patrol officers clocked a Nissan Skyline Coupe travelling at 170km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Monash Freeway in Glen Waverley just before 4am yesterday.

The driver, a 29-year-old Dandenong North man, had his vehicle impounded for 30 days and is expected to be charged on summons.

Two hours later, officers caught a Hampton Park woman, 24, travelling at 141km/h on the same road.
They also busted a Berwick man, 40, speeding at 145km/h in his Suzuki.

Officers took him back to the police station, where he also a recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.068 per cent.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Kelly Yates said the man lost his licence for six months and was fined $974.

Geelong Highway Patrol officers also caught an unlicensed 21-year-old travelling at 145km/h in a 100km/h zone on Bacchus Marsh Rd in Balliang East yesterday evening.

The Herne Hill man was given penalty notices for unlicensed driving and speeding.

Ms Yates said officers were targeting speeding drivers throughout October as it was traditionally a dangerous period on Victoria's roads.

"Across the state, police will be actively patrolling metropolitan, regional and rural roads targeting those who disobey the speed limit," Ms Yates said.

"The State Highway Patrol will be conducting a number of road policing operations aimed at reducing road trauma and making our roads safe."

adelaidenow.com.au 20 Oct 2013

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that there is a portion of society known as 'Trailer Park Trash', that may not even have the mental capacity to operate a vehicle.

The government hands out driving licenses to ANYONE.

There is NO quality control there or any real assessment whether the driver is actually capable of driving.

The current so called licensing and driver's test are a JOKE!

You can easily bribe an instructor and the tester to receive your driver license.

This part of the problem is (deliberately?) NOT being tackled by any authority

Police have a vested interest in speed camera fines NOT road safety as alleged, as this would require the government to increase the numbers of police on the road.

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