10 October 2013

Driver resists police RBT - Corporate media lies?

None dare call it a conspiracy!

The corporate media following an agenda?

This is preposterous!

A video claimed by the Channel 9 news network has been shown on the A Current Affair program which airs at (AEST) 6:30 pm, was put up on the news site on the 9th of Octber.

The description of the video is as follows:

"It's the gobsmacking video of a driver resisting an RBT and imprisoning himself inside his own car. 

Watch as he tries to outrun the police."

with 41 comments so far.

The video shown on ninemsn is 2m:45s in length.

Nowhere in the video, the driver 'tries to outrun the police', as claimed by the news network. The driver is clearly driving of, and NOT racing away from the police.

What is appalling and shocking is the fact that the police man (person), as opposed to police officer (the corporate entity) is breaking the citizen's common law rights (which every man and woman has rights to), AND inflicting injury upon him. 

Australia is in a new age of police violence and brutality against the 'ordinary citizen' who stands up for their rights.

NO police person would dare assault a 'bikie', as there have been repercussions of police killings, to which the corporate media a coy about reporting.

The news networks liaise together with police to portray an article that is acceptable by the police media liaison office, i.e. conducive to the police / government agenda.

The police man should be in jail, but will never be.


Main Trading Name: VICTORIA POLICE

are a corporation with the ABN 63 446 481 493.

The corporate media would dare expose this FACT?

A comment on the story is as follows:

I'm a Lawyer ... a show needs to do a real story on the fact that police are now just corporate thugs ... Master of truth (Guest)
AVOCA, TAS @ 10/10/2013 01:06:33 PM

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