08 October 2013

Police plead with bikie chiefs to make peace

POLICE have made an unprecedented public plea to outlaw bikie gang leaders to lay down their arms. 
Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana urged outlaw motorcycle gang members to rethink any plans they might have for all-out war.

"We are asking the office-bearers of any outlaw motorcycle gangs that are considering any particular action or violence to reconsider their decisions, and not proceed with any planned activities," Mr Fontana said.
He warned of a real risk that innocent people could be seriously injured - or even killed - in any crossfire.

>> Fears for all-out bikie war
Police are extremely worried about high-powered military firearms, such as AK47s, that are out on the streets.

Over the past week there has been an outbreak of drive-by shootings and hurling of explosives.

Ten firearms have been seized in 14 raids by police on bikie properties and 10 Hells Angels and Comancheros have been arrested on firearms, drugs, explosives, blackmail, extortion and assault charges.

Seven of those arrested remain in custody.

But Mr Fontana said: "There are still some senior people out there - and they are plotting.

Shots were fired into a Hallam gym run by Comanchero state president Mick Murray earlier this week.
Shots were fired into a Hallam gym run by Comanchero state president Mick Murray earlier this week.
"We are aware that … the Hells Angels are in possession of a number of military-style high-powered weapons and we are concerned about it," Mr Fontana said.

"Apart from the fact that they are targeting some of their enemies in other clubs,They are indiscriminate with the use of these weapons.

"They are high-powered, they (the bullets) travel long distances and they penetrate steel. So it places a lot of people at risk, not only those that might be targets.

"It's easy for innocent members of the community - or even our members that are responding - to be exposed to risk," he said.

"We really do need to get those weapons out of the hands of criminals."

He appealed for anyone who may have information about the weapons, planned attacks or drugs to contact Crime Stoppers.

"That information might be critical and may actually save someone's life or prevent someone from getting seriously injured," he said.

Tensions between bikie gangs have escalated to unprecedented levels down the whole east coast of Australia.

Bikies from NSW have poured into the Gold Coast as turf wars rage, leading to the setting up of a national anti-gang body in Queensland.

And tomorrow, laws take effect allowing Victoria Police to apply to courts to force outlaw bikie club headquarters to remove their fortifications.

"We are working very closely with our national law enforcement partners, and weare going to will keep up our attempts to make the environment hostile for these particular groups(bikies)," Mr Fontana said. "Our focus at the moment is reallyon bringing these people back under control.

He said: "There's been a growth in chapters across the state. They're all territorial, some of them have got personal gripes against other club members, some of it will be club against club or chapter against chapter - there is a whole range of reasons for the violence.

"We want to reassure the community we are focused on trying to quell this problem, but at the same time we need support," he said.

news.com.au  4 Oct 2013

Aren't the police supposed to be the Alpha and Omega of the law?

Or are they a bargaining centre?

Aren't they supposed to incarcerate criminals, and NOT plead with them?

Why are they pleading? Because they cannot do ANYTHING about it?

Fact: The police are debt collectors for the government

A newsworthy headline would be:

"Police plead with motorists to pay speeding fines"

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