23 October 2012

City Council voting fraud

In certain areas of Australia currently there are City Council elections, where the masses must vote, even given the fact that we (allegedly) live in a democracy.

Information has been obtained by corpau, from a source within the industry that fraud is occurring on a grand scale.

The extent of the fraud is Australia wide, and it is explained in detail below how this is done, currently to this day.

In each electorate there is a list of voters who are registered for that particular area. Each candidate for the City Council has this list of voters. In the lists also appear people who are deceased, not living there anymore, and various other degrees of non attendance / residence.

Those ‘people’ are marked by the candidates, and their names are used multiple times throughout the municipality.

Also, each person is allocated a voting place where they must vote, so this is where they ‘most likely’ attend. Their names are also used in other places throughout the municipality, in favour of the candidate that is to pass through, by the order.

In Australia, when one attends a voting premises, no I.D. needs to be shown or checked, only a name is said to the administrative person.

When one writes on the voting slips, it is also done in pencil, which is then later rubbed out to favour the candidate who is to pass the election.

Also, the voting booths close at 6pm, and counting begins. At this time no person is allowed to have their mobile phone switched on, and there is no communications.

Whilst the counting is occurring at 6pm the local media news stations are in full swing informing the masses of the counted votes and who is ahead, which is impossible as there is no definite vote count or swing communicated externally.

The corporate media is in on this fraud at a national level, but the masses are powerless to expose this criminal activity.

The source of this information has confirmed that the information above is accurate, and that this has been going on for quite some time.

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