23 October 2012

Troll slapped with intervention order after The Janoskians fight cyber bullies in court

A RELENTLESS and vicious cyber bullying campaign against pop teenage sensations The Janoskians has resulted in court action, with at least one troll being slapped with an intervention order for stalking and harassment. 
The legal move comes as the trolls' latest vile stunt involved wrecking a charity auction backed by the band.
Last week the Melbourne lads, who recently signed a record deal with Sony and have thousands of fans and a current top 20 single with Set This World on Fire, announced they were leaving Facebook after too many hate-filled posts.

One particularly nasty anti-Janoskians Facebook page, which has more than 19,000 fans, has targeted the band for months with racist and homophobic slurs and YouTube videos threatening violence against its members.

Yesterday dozens of people reportedly turned up at the Melbourne home of 16-year-old Janoskians member James Yammouni after his address and phone details were published on the page, forcing his family to take the phone off the hook.

Recent posts have even told fans of the band to ''go kill yourself''.

One of the administrators of the hate page appears to be a teenage boy registered on Facebook under the name ''Tristan Barker'', who claims to be from Melbourne.

Trolls often use assumed names.

A personal safety intervention order is issued by a magistrate to protect a person from assault, harassment, property damage, stalking and serious threat.

Stalking can include contact by post, telephone, fax, text message or email and putting information online about a person.

Victoria Police said they were not involved with the issuing of intervention orders, but confirmed such orders could be ''specifically tailored'' to cover forms of online harassment and bullying.

They would not comment on whether they were investigating the hate page or ''Tristan Barker.''
In a YouTube video posted to the hate page on Thursday, ''Tristan Barker'' challenged Janoskians member Daniel Sahyoune to a fight.

He also said he is attempting to raise money via donations to erect a billboard in Melbourne comparing The Janoskians to cancer.

Another administrator of the page, a teenage male registered on Facebook under the name ''Nebz Adlay'' who also claims to be from Melbourne, last week scammed an online charity fundraiser auction by Janoskians member Beau Brookes, bidding $19,700 on an autographed guitar and then refusing to pay.

Dressed in an orange martial arts outfit, ''Nebz Adlay'' claimed responsibility for the scam in a brazen YouTube video published last Monday.

''You can f***ing come at me, come find me, see what happens,'' he says in the video, which has been viewed more than 36,000 times.

''If you come anywhere near me I will spirit bomb you. I know the technique, I know how to do it and I'm not afraid to use it.''

dailytelegraph.com.au 22 Oct 2012

The Janoskians are serial pests, that are a public nuisance, who's 'funny' videos could endanger the well being of the public.

The so called 'troll' has the right to express an opinion, just as the Janoskians have the right to annoy the general population.

Looks like the boys were not man enough to take a little back, and cried all the way to the courts.

The uneducated losers, will now have offers from the corporate media, and will be used as tools, to make lots of profits from pre pubescent girls, who will be very eager to part with their parents money.

The users comments really reflect what sort of Trailer Park Trash they really are.

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