23 October 2012

MikeTyson dinner in bad taste

AN intimate dinner with Mike Tyson for which guests pay $3000 each for private access to the disgraced former boxing champion has sparked outcry among women's groups and community leaders, who say it is in bad taste and should be banned. 

For $60,000, Tyson will pose for photos, talk about his 1992 rape conviction, sexually transmitted diseases, frolics with prostitutes and his boxing career.
Premier Ted Baillieu, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and the Victorian Women's Trust last night called on Victorians to boycott the event.
The close personal dining experience with the convicted rapist will be held after his "Day of the Champions" motivational speaking event at Festival Hall next month.
Food and wine will be served at the exclusive gathering, with guests to be seated at one table in a dressing room inside the venue. Tour manager Max Markson said it would be a "free-flowing conversation" with no topic off-limits.

"He'll take any questions - he's quite open about talking all about the controversial parts of his life, including his incarceration, venereal disease, splashing $100,000 at a time on prostitutes," he said.
Mr Baillieu issued a renewed call to Prime Minister Julia Gillard to overturn Tyson's Australian visa.
"Clearly, the Federal Government should not have granted Mr Tyson a visa," he said.
"It is inappropriate and the Prime Minister should intervene to overturn the minister's decision."
Cr Doyle said Tyson was not welcome in Melbourne.
"He's convicted of rape and violence, and I don't know what he brings to Australia," he said.
"I'd actually say to those considering going to this private event to think again."
Victorian Women's Trust executive director Mary Crooks backed a boycott, but challenged men who did attend to raise women's rights with Tyson.
"I'd be very curious about what his message would be to an elite $3000-a-head dinner and I'd be surprised if he showed any remorse," she said.

heralsun.com.au 23 Oct 2012

Australian politicians cannot escape their true calling of the criminal past of colonisation.

By bringing in more criminal trash (this time in the form of disgraced Mike Tyson), the up and coming criminals may have some tips.

Tyson a convicted rapist, together with unsportsmanlike behaviour (biting Evander Holyfield's ear during a professional boxing match) is truly an inspiration for the next generation of criminals.

Not only is it Tyson who is the disgrace, but also the promoters and politicians that let him into the country.

As long as the canon fodder pay $60,000 it is all ok.

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