26 October 2012

Telstra Yellow Pages advertising fraud

Many a telco have been caught out in (deliberately) misleading the general public, with fraudulent claims of services offered, claims of ‘free internet’ and many other examples.

Australia’s government consumer watchdog, the ACCC works to the benefit of government institutions, together with the corporate goliaths, and is regarded by many as ‘spineless’ and in need of a total overhaul. The TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) is another institution that lacks integrity.

The so called judgements against any telco for breach of laws, is nothing more than a slap on the wrists, if found guilty of misleading the consumers, with profits already banked from the fraudulent transactions. The institution is also deliberately slow for major cases.

Telstra has embarked on a nationwide fraudulent campaign with regards to obtaining customers for their Yellow Pages services.

Telstra provides a service for internet presence that claims to have an affiliation in partnership with Google, which is false.

Customers are led to believe that once they contract the services to Telstra, their business will be a the top of Google’s search indexing, because of Telstra’s alleged affiliation with Google.

Terms like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) technologies are used to baffle the prospective client in signing away $750 per month contract which is not worth the paper it is signed on.

Once again the ‘authorities’ are slow to act on Australia’s telecoms monopoly.

Any customer that has been misled with this false advertising, has the right to seek legal advice with the possibility of a class action law suit.

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