26 October 2012

Fast mobile internet on way to outer suburbs

MORE mobile phone users can expect faster download speeds in the next 10 months.

Two of Australia's biggest telcos are introducing or expanding their 4G networks, which will deliver the fastest download speeds on the market and about five times quicker than what is available.
Telstra is expanding its existing 4G network, available in a 5km radius out of the CBD.
It plans to cover up to a 20km radius by mid-2013, including Werribee, but it is not known which suburbs will be upgraded first.
Optus announced on Monday that 4G would be available in Melbourne from September 15.
The third major telco, Vodaphone/3, won't roll out its 4G coverage until 2013 and that will be in "selected areas".
The upgrade to 4G means quicker access to web sites, videos and social media on mobile phones and tablets.
But it would not be better than land-based fibre networks, as proposed under the National Broadband Network.
Telstra executive director of Networks and Access Technologies Mike Wright told Leader the demand for 4G was growing.
"Nine out of 10 new smart phones will be 4G capable, so it is the right time to start expanding the footprint," he said.
Smart phones with 4G revert back to the 3G network when 4G is not available.
Mr Wright said the other benefits include High Definition voice capabilities, which block out background noise during phone calls.
Telstra will announce over the next 12 months which new 4G smart phones it will offer, on top of the four already available.
It's not known if the iPhone 5 will be among them.
The 4G network is cheaper for telcos to operate, because it is a more efficient way of using the radio spectrum. Mr Wright said this would bring down costs for consumers.
"It is a great position to be in with 500,000 people already on 4G and 1.8 million people in the next 18 months," Mr Wright said.

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john writes:
Posted on 6 Sep 12 at 08:32am
i wouldnt call 20km from the cbd as outer suburbs when melbourne now extends well beyond 40km. just goes to show how small thinking we can sometimes be. this service should already have been available to the above mentioned areas. snails pace service as usual.

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